water filter type?

Data plate wasn’t much help with this one. What kind of water filter requires backwashing? Even the seller (#3) was confused.

I had a reverse osmosis system at one time that had a manual backflush on it. Here is a little info at this site. http://www.thebestwaterfilters.com/whole_home_systems.html



It looks like a standard water softener EXCEPT for the lack of a brine tank.

Perhpas it’s a sediment filter only. Either way it would require back flushing(from the botttom to the top) to flush the sediments out periodically.

Iron filter

Not enough information. As was mentioned above, it is likely not a softener as there is no brine tank. My guess would be a media filter or an iron filter. There are thousands of filtration/water treatment media you can put in a tank like that depending on what is in your water and what you want to do to it.