water heater age please

s/n 0145113368

Is it January 1945

If it is recommend they monitor the Appliance…it is near the end of the service life…near…:smiley:

Earl if that is built in 1945 I’ll kiss your…:shock:

Bradford White numbers say it is 8.3 years old…but I do not know if they manufacture for Whirlpool.

Does it look like 61 Year old?..:shock:

no it doesnot

How about week 45 of 2001.

Up in our neck of the woods, the FIRST two digits signify the year which would make it a 2001…does it look newer?

I’ll bet my last dollar that it ain’t a 1945:shock: I’ve seen some old tanks before around 33-35 years old but that one would take the cake:)

As far as I know Bradford White uses the first two LETTERS of the serial # which you have to crossreferance to their chart. It’s been shown on the BB many times in the past.

Some of the older tanks from the seventies used the last four digits as the manufactue date MMYY (John Wood, etc…)

Where is everyone coming up with Bradford White?

Go with Erby’s.

was Whirlpool in buisness in 1945???

Since 1911.

Erby has the right age. Whirlpool uses the following: 1st and 2nd numbers = year. 3rd and 4th numbers = week

OH.:wink: highly dought a 1945 unit is still in service (cue the guy with the picture and/or story to prove me wrong.):mad: :mrgreen:


I did an inspection about three years ago on an old commercial building, and if I read the numbers right, it was a 1948 vintage. I’ve never been able to confirm that though. It was a Westinghouse, 20 gallon, built INSIDE a wall, and with no TPR valve installed!
The burner chamber cover was cast iron, not stamped steel like every other one I’ve seen. Now that you’ve reminded me of that, I might try to look in my archives for a pic. I may even try contacting someone from Westinghouse to see if they can confirm the date of the serial number.