Water heater age

I’m looking for the age of a water heater for a client.
Manuf. White corp
SN: C225990K

Or if anyone knows when White became Bradford-White that could help.


According to my cheat sheet, first letter is year, on a 20 year rotation, A =64 or 84, or 04. C would be 67, 87 or 07. Last letter is month, K is probably November.

I’m sure your eyeballs can do the rest.:smiley:

Hope that helps!

Save this Bill.



I do have that list from Bradford White but I guess I was having a senior moment to realize pre-1974 was probably White Corp. Thanks both for the info. It is 1967 from the looks of it.



Do you have the Model number by any chance?

I have a good contact inside at B-W who is looking this unit up, but sent me an e-mail this morning asking for the Model # as well.

Pls respond to my e-mail as well that is noted below.