Water Heater age

Has anybody ever heard of a Water Heater made by Hoyt? I’m trying to figure out the age of the unit but can’t find anything about the company or the brand. This is the serial # 0000775952. The home is 25 Yrs.old and i couldn’t tell if it is the original unit. Any takers???

Hoyt was acquired by American Water Heaters. Contact them.

Only things I could find in a Google search implied that they went out of business many years ago. So it could very well be original.

It is probably a 2000 model year…


The first two numbers are the year it was manufactured and the second two number are the week within that year that it was manufactured.
For example, if the first 4 digits of the serial number are 9932, then it was manufactured in the 32 week of 1999.

Okay thanks guys. Your a wealth of information… I’ll add Hoyt to my American Water Heater list.

Thanks again…:slight_smile:

If this heater was made prior to American taking them over, the numbering system is probably different than the American system. You might want to call them, tomorrow.

I would call, as Jim stated. Using the American numbering system, this WH doesn’t exist…

year code…00 = 2000
week code…00 = week 0 ???

I just replace my Hoyt…it was installed 5/9/1987…so I got over 26 years of service out of it. Replaced it with a Whirlpool. I don’t expect the Whirlpool to last 26 years. But, no complaints