Water Heater Ages

First unit is a United Industries, President model.
Model # N5522SRS9
Serial # A080814172

Second Unit AO Smith

Model # KEN52912
Serial # MF8645585Z99

I am thinking 80 and 86 but am not certain. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


The A.O. Smith brand was manufactured in April of 1986.

I don’t have records of the United brand.

Thank you with this also David. I thought the AO was in fact an 86, but I can’t find anything on the other unit either.

I get June of 1986.

I have very little information on United Industries. What I do have seems to indicate that it is either a January 2008 unit or a February 2008 unit. Little difference there, but it does seem to be a 2008 unit. Again, though, I don’t have a lot of information to be 100% sure on that one. Does it look that new?

Yes, the A. O. Smith is 1986 and enough information for my clents…at least, no client has ever requested the month made.