Water heater as boiler

Is there anything specific I should comment on using a power vent propane fired domestic hot water heater as a boiler? The system is isolated from the domestic water supply system. Domestic hot water comes from a different source. The heat system has a certain level (not totally adequate) of controls and safety, which I’m describing.

The main issue I’m looking for comments: Other than limited life span, lower boiler cost, water temperature, and BTU output; is there any specific issue I should point out? I’ve seen this type of system several times, this one being the best installation of the bunch.

Edit: Had a local propane expert look at the installation, and he said hot water heater as boiler is common in some areas. Some water heaters, this one included, are approved for use as a boiler. I don’t know how to determine any future water heater as approved, but this is what I’ve learned.

Not a boiler, boilers make steam. It’s still a water heater, and the system is a hot water heating, not steam heating. What your local expert told you is correct. Personally I would not comment on anything for a correctly installed system other than identifying it as a hot water heating system. Hot water systems can do things that forced air cannot, such as in floor heating and zoning, forced air can do things that hot water cannot, such as fast response to temperature change, ventilation and cooling, but once someone has chosen a system it is what it is.

Hey Erik how do you heat hot water:p:p:p Not all boilers make steam yes some just heat water and have a circulating pump for hot water. Just razzing you buddy.:smiley:

When you boil you get steam, you will need *steam control *it’s a capital investment… :slight_smile: