Water heater breaker off - turn on?

Roy- I don’t know what sent you into your manic state (maybe you just got up on the wrong side of the bed). But nobody was pointing fingers at you to justify that response.

If I recall, even last week you were wondering where some of these posts were coming from on this board. Some sort of conspiracy?!

The point I was trying to make was that over the last few days/weeks there are some pretty bad questions being asked that should not be asked by anyone doing an inspection. If you have got to ask what to do with the circuit breaker that’s turned off, you should not be out there inspecting whatever it is you’re inspecting.

I just got back from Sean’s neighborhood (236 miles away) where I spent 18 hours flipping breakers and blowing up circuits! I’m not a slacker and neither is Sean. I just sent out a proposal to inspect the electrical system of a coal-fired electric plant. I’m not particularly shy about electricity. However, I have a good enough good sense not to turn something that’s off to the on position unless you know what you’re turning on and why it was turned off.

Again, the point of all of this is if you have got to ask if you should turn on the circuit breaker that’s turned off, then there is absolutely no reason why you should exceed the SOP that says you’re not supposed to turn it on. If you wish to go beyond the scope of inspection and have the balls to turn on the breaker, you had better know exactly what it is you’re turning on and why it was turned off or we will get a notice on this board of the demise of a smartass home inspector that thought he knew it all…



I was just stating my experiences.
A water heater is on a home run. You could flip a light switch and cause a fire just as easily.

Anybody in your area ever heard the word sabotage. For this reason not me or my representative Real Estae Agent flip anything and it is noted that it was off during the inspection. If a Real Estate Agent does this I make a not of it and it is on his or her shoulders. I have only encountered a couple of times when Real Estate Agents go ahead of me. The results are not good.

Guys the OP is from a student hows about a little slack the guys posting all kinds of questions let him learn???

Fine with me. This forum is a great resource that helps fill in the gaps of “online learning.” I’m quickly learning there’s more than one answer to most questions and that a lot of this business is common sense.

Yes the same question can have 5 different answers depending on what part of the country you live in. I have no problem with someone trying to learn this business but on this MB you need a little tough skin to put up with the nay sayers. Some on here have no inspections so they just troll the MB trying to be important;-)

the SOP doesn’t say that.

Everyone should always follow the SOP.

Take it any way you want. I don’t give a crap what you do.

I don’t turn them on if I can’t determine it is safe to do so.

“Not supposed to” and not required are two different things.

If you do, or don’t switch the breaker, you would still be following the SOP.