Water heater combution near condenser unit

I would like to get others opinions. Combustion air grilles for the water heater terminate at exterior wall near condenser. One high and one low.
I would think that this may affect the performance of the water heater.
Others opinions would be appreciated.



Actually, we just covered something similar in another thread.

Manny (Emmanuel) Scanlan came up with this, which appears to apply here as well.

**G2407.2 (304.2) Appliance/equipment location. **Equipment
shall be located so as not to interfere with proper circulation of
combustion, ventilation and dilution air.

Commentary for this section:

The provisions of Sections G2407 rely on the natural (gravity) movement of air; therefore, installations must allow unimpeded flow of combustion air from the source to the appliances being supplied. Other mechanical systems, appliances, or equipment in the same room or building can adversely affect the combustion air supply. For example,when placed too close to the combustion air openings, gas-fired appliances or equipment will restrict the free circulation of air.

Thank you Mr. Pope for the response.