Water heater expected life

Just watched the NACHI video on instant hot water systems. The guest speaker stated that because of the thinner metal liners mandated for tank water heaters, the expected life of those tanks is only 3 to 5 years. This does not seem right to me. Any suggestions on typical tank water heater expected life? Thanks, Richard

For many years I have used 8 to 12 years for expected life. I don’t recall where I got those numbers, but it makes more sense, and is easier for others to see as logical. Whenever I get (someone) disagreeing with WH life expectancy, I just tell them to stop into any Lowe’s, HD, Sears, etc… and see what the warrantee is on new WH’s. Typically 5, 7, 10 years. If a manufacturer is only going to warrantee it for that timeframe, why would you expect it to last longer? If they won’t stand behind it, I’m sure not going to!

And yes, anything can fail prematurly, thus the manufacturers warrantee.

I didn’t look for the instant Water heaters but here is the chart

I agree,I normally use the 10 year Life on water heaters , It would depend on water condition’s and where it has been installed.

And how often the sediment was drained.

I’ve seen 5 year old water heaters rendered worthless by a build up of calcium to the point that when you opened the drain valve, no water came out.

Yes, and I’ve seen 25 year old water heaters that look and work like brand new!

Maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!!!

They last as long as the Manufacturer’s Warranty. :smiley:

Brian, electric water heaters last about 6 months past the warranty. :mrgreen:

8-12 is the standard I use
My Solar (Bradford White) unit failed at 7 years.
4 inches of water in my Basement / Office…
Bradford White Solar units only Warrantied 6 Years…
I Paid for New Water Heater.
Business Insurance paid for New Office Drywall, Furnishings and Carpet.

Make sure to call out lack of drain pans guys.

Bob, is that going to make them last longer?:wink:

a Drain Pan in an Unfinished Basement?

I was within .5 inches of losing my server (permanently (at the time))

I do things differently now…

I hope you read Joe’s story Marcel.
No a drain pan will not make it last longer and as this thread tells us …there is no way to know when they will leak.
Best advice is to have a drain pan anyplace they may cause damage.

Pretty much I would guess around 50% off all HWH are in a place where they could cause damage either to a floor or even a neighbor below.

Be ready/Be prepared for the day that is promised to come.

I seem to keep finding these of late
this is a high hise
multi unit
over 30 years old…
no idea where the termination is…

Oh, I did, just joking. But a drain pan is only good for a fitting minor leak, other than than it is useless.
Any water heater installed in a home should be equiped with an indirect funnel receptor and floor drain to storm drain able to control the blow off of the TPR and any major leak or pipe rupture that may and will occur in your lifetime. Or pay the consequences.
Should a pan be installed under a hot water furnace? Same difference.
A floor drain should be made available for the same purpose. :slight_smile:

Yup, they have that one worked out right on the money!

Is a Drain Pan Useless…?
Do I recommend all Home Buyers have a Sump and Drainage System…?
Do i have one…?