Water heater/furnace common vent btu's

It’s a tie. :slight_smile:

Actually the water heater has a 1,000 more BTU’s (76,000) than the furnace.

Nice roll-out, too…(among other things)…:shock:

Just curious Chris, what does that third line terminate to behind the furnace, is there another LPG appliance hidden back there?

Terminates at fireplace, opposite side of wall. It was capped off.

That roll out seems more extensive than most I’ve see. I wonder if the vent is properly set up, and did it have plenty of combustion air?

Thoughs were my questions/concerns also.

Yes, evidence of huge roll out. The vent is questionable, no signs of back draft at flue collar. Room size is about 12 x12. I recommended to have someone look at it. At inspection I recommended to consider replacing the 10 year old water heater, 75 gallon. The house has a steam room and two jet-tubs, one a 6 person. Buyers were planning on removing steam room and 6 person tub. Only 3 people in family.

So really no need for 75 gallon water heater and related expenses.

Burner was questionable too. :slight_smile:

Was the furnace draft induced or natural draft? The venting is incorrect regardless.