Water Heater in a Bonus Room...Question

Can the water heater be in room where people are
sitting, gathering, watching TV etc…?

Would the addition of a door make it ok ?

The water heater would be to the right of the window.



Yes, but not a sleeping room.

A question would be does room size provide for sufficient combustion air. Looks a little small from where I sit.

Its a pretty big room…20 ft by 15 ft

Was this a garage that was renovated into a room?
I also agree with Joe. As long as it’s not used for a room to sleep.
Here are a couple local documents that may help in the future.


if they are going to install a door the closet will need it’s own combustable air. If it’s a sleeping room the door needs to be fire rated with a self closure.

I just put what is needed to have this kind of set up unless it is concentric venting.
Section M 2005.2 in the IRC 2006.
I agree with you Greg!