Water heater location

Water heaters are not supposed to be located in bathrooms. Does this include being located in a closet that is in the corner of the bathroom?

If someone could let me know the answer to this question I would appreciate it.

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Is the door to the closet a solid self closing with weather striping? Are there fresh air supply from the outside for combustion? Drain pan?

Than No!

My first question are we talking about a gas. oil or electric water heater ?

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Combustion air is from bathroom – door is not sealed.

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Heater is gas and combustion air is from the bathroom.

Mark is correct, a gas fueled heater of the type you discribe is not allowed in a bathhroom closet where is is drawing combustion air from the room.

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Here is the applicable section from the IRC Mechanical Section M2005 on Water Heaters as a guide:

Note that “Living Space” includes areas for living, sleeping, eating or cooking (habitable space) as well as areas for bathing, washing and sanitation purposes (bathrooms). Many are surprised that a bathroom is considered “Living Space” under model codes (it’s just not considered “Habitable Space” … there is a difference) … :wink:

The question I asked has been well answered and I thank all of you who have taken the time to respond. This was my first use of the message board and it has been a good experience.

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I know that about the water heater/bathroom/closet issue, but can someone technically explain why a fuel fired gas water heater is not allowed in bathroom/adjacent storage closet (with exceptions)? The obvious is CO poisoning and flammable chemical vapors. What else ?

Strong solvents will destroy a furnace or water heater .
Chlorine some soaps and urine plus others . Drano

Roy Cooke

It would also be effected by the bathroom exhaust fan when the fan is on ,of course.

I just inspected a home where the gas fired water heater was in a hall closet directly across from the bedrooms?? Would you consider that habitable space?

From the California Building Code. . .

HABITABLE SPACE (ROOM) is space in a structure for living, sleeping, eating or cooking. Bathrooms, toilet compartments, closets, halls, storage or utility space, and similar areas, are not considered habitable space.

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