water heater rust

What would happen if rust built up enough to penetrate through the walls of the w.heater? Explosion?

This one was from a roof leak that took a while to get repaired?


Usually just turns into a leak.

The only time there is a risk of explosion, is when/if there is no way for the pressure to be released. It happens in an instant when the water reaches temperatures that create steam.

Is that a gate valve in the supply line directly above the right side stains and corrosion? I don’t normally associate that type of corrosion issue with an intermittent roof leak. Is it possible its from supply plumbing and or prior worn valve? Not that it matters of course.

I’m in agreement with Jeff. I’ve seen many casings over the years with penetrations from rust large enough to put your hand through, but no leaks. Tank is totally separate from the exterior housing and or casing.

I believe it was a gate valve. Yes, I’m in agreement with Jeff too. I told the young couple to go ahead and replace the unit.

Most WHs are glass lined, and in truth I have seen them rust through to the lining.