Water heater supply

Is there any requirement to have a space between a copper water heater supply and the metal exhaust pipe for a furnace? Common sense would say yes but I am not sure. (Also any advice on how to rotate the picture- otherwise you will have to rotate your head slightly to make sense of the picture).

What is your concern?

What is the material above the copper and is it flammable and within 6" of the single wall vent pipe?

-Concern may be Chafing damage then a leaky pipe or A contractor noting it and saying “didn’t your Home inspector tell you…” and just curious if there is any specific gap requirement. I am going to note it, it is a flex line so they could likely push it over and make a gap but I am not going to state that. Not a huge concern- knowledge mainly!

  • no flammable material near the exhausts

As long as there is at least 2 to 3 inches of clearance between the water line and the furnace pipe (to allow for water hammer), I would not report it.

Dissimilar metals should not be in contact with each other.

They are different metals and should not touch. Cannot tell for sure in the pictures provided if they are touching or not.