Water heater vent tied into furnace vent?

Hey everyone, I’m a new Inspector here in California. In the garage the water heater vent and the furnace vent are tied together. Is this kosher? Thanks for your feedback.

A picture would help but it is done much of the time.

The key is, Is it done correctly? :smile:

U Da Man! Thanks Larry. By the way that’s an awesome name you have. :+1:

Remember the 18" rule (flame or potential ignition source 18" above floor) for the water heater and furnace in the garage.

Yes. Thanks.

What if the WH is FVIR :slight_smile:

What if the WH is FVIR

Then the 18 inch rule does not apply.

You know, like Roy knows…:roll_eyes: :upside_down_face: :joy: