Water heater with no tank in the house at all

I am new to this business I am starting my own business as a home inspector on the side I recently ran into a home where I was doing security where the men had no water heater at all ,it was not like it was a tankless water heater, it was a all-in-one home furnace as well as heater I’ve never seen that before is that normal and what do we do to inspect that

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See if the furnace works via thermostat and see if the hot water works in three fixtures at once. Otherwise, narrate to your client that they may run out of sufficient hot water.

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What Larry said. They are common in my area.

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I know the house had espestes in the basement tiles 9x9 and the siting out side so I don’t no but it was one unit in the basement cant remember the name but yea it did the whole house

FYI I am from pa so that is very uncommen over here

Anthony, you will do well to run a spell check before you send your report.

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Anthony, what the system a Combination (“combi”) boiler?

I am not sure i do Believe it was one I have never seen that before over here we have furnaces and hot water heaters