water heater

Info I have on AO smith says 2nd letter is month, then year on serial numbers. but this is info. from the unit…

AO Smith, ProMax 50
serial no# A06A075500
model no# GCV50100

as always - help is much appreciated.

A. O Smith
A. O Smith, Glascote, Permaglas
Second letter is the month followed by 2-digit year
A through N is January through December (excluding the letter I)

Thats the same info I have for trying to decode.
Sorry I couldn’t help more.
Do you have a picture of the plate?

This might help.
AO Smith- 2nd letter (sometimes first i.e. Kenmore and GSW) equals the month and the next two digits are the year.

glad i wasn’t the only one confused on this one.