Water hits sill plate n rots it out, front porch, basement wall bowed in

2:00 mark 8" concrete pad-porch

2:55 ‘water hits sill plate…’

3:55 basement wall bowed in

Now, when an interior system co goes to homes w/problems like this most know they are going to tell homeowners to install an INT drainage system and maybe some wall anchors or carbon fibers straps n so the problems will get worse, basement will not be dry etc


They didn’t flash it properly, instead rested the masonry right against untreated wood members, duh! the “what can happen”, clients love to ask :slight_smile: The wall bowing is a different issue entirely.


Hopefully they replaced the rotted band and waterproofed it before the brick.
Now they will have to rely on 95% compaction at a minimum to hold up the slab at the brick.
They should have left 8" bondouts every 16" at top course of the block, reiforced the vertical cores of the block, added L-bars for the slab reiforcements and grouted the block cells.
I guess we will never know. LOL