Water in crawl space - Draw Disbursement Inspection


I did a draw disbursement inspection today. It was like the 5th one requested on this property. There will be at least one more to do. Anyhow, I opened up the crawlspace to see if the floor insulation had been put in yet. I noticed a lot of water sitting along the foundation wall at the same end where the crawl space entry was. They don’t have the vapor barrier down yet and the landscaping hasn’t been done yet either. We’ve also had a considerable amount of rain recently. Given the stage the construction is in, I’m wondering if mentioning the water at this point would be a bit premature. Any thoughts/comments appreciated.



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Defiantly , water is our enemy .No one can fault you for reporting what you see .
I would even say water in Crawl space recommend a Sump Pump be installed .

That’s not what you’re being paid to report on…

I understand that’s not what I’m being paid to do, but I do have a place on my form for any observations that stick out. There was one house that I had done where there was some organic growth on the sheetrock already before it was painted. I did make mention of it then.

Wops I know nothing about Draw Inspections , sorry … Roy

I do a fair amount of draw inspections, and the most alarming thing I run into is what the draw companies are looking for. They only seem to care about what is completed and what is not (percentages only). I have seen issues, problems or areas of concern and noted them in the draw report. I even called one particular draw company with a concern, and they stated quality was not an issue, only if it was installed or completed. I still list any problems I see.

I personally have not performed any bank draw inspections but I would assume you have some sort of written agreement in place and your responsibilities or lack thereof would be in that agreement.

I have been the Builder or Project Manager on several projects that required bank draw inspections and in most cases the inspector only determined the percentage of work in place.

I have done over 1500 draw inspections. I am paid to assign percentage of work completed and that’s it. The only time I used the notes section was for a burst pipe with water pouring out of the crawl space vents and for a home that was 100% sided one month and missing the siding the next month. (Defective siding that was removed) It is not your job to comment on construction techniques or defects, especially for what they pay.

I would definately note it and include along with the report.

I have noted foundation failures, mold and defects in construction that were unrelated to the scope / delineated items to be inspected.

Better to have the issues addressed now rather than later…

photos show leaves along with the water.
is there a clear path of entry for ground water to the crawl space?


Double ditto. I don’t do the simple $15/$20 draw inspections but have, on occasion, done draw inspections on larger, commercial projects. The last ones for a national construction management firm out of Philadelphia contained the following in the Notes section:

If they want to contract for and pay for a QC, site or performance inspection then that would be different.

I think they had left the crawl space door loose at one point and it blew down. There are a lot of trees on that side of the house and the water was only sitting along the foundation wall in that area.