Water intrusion in Chicago Condos. Finally getting City attention!

As you guys know,. I have been railing about Chicago condos and water intrusion for a couple of years. FINALLY, the media have gotten involved.


Nick really ought to contact this woman.

I have been working with a number of contractors (to fix these problems) and condo associations, as well as a number of inspectors (NACHI and ASHI guys) to make this situation more front page.

Remember, this is the local National Public Radio station, and they are hopelessly “progressive” and believe that the Chicago government is hopelessly “corrupt” (Hey, they produced Obama, didn’t they?) and want the city to “fix” these problems.

ALL these places were “code inspected”, remember. But, in Chicago, most “code” inspections occur in the local neighborhood resturant and consist of passing an envelope.

And why does’nt the condo association have a transition inspection BEFORE the builder can hand over the common areas (and the liability) to the owners.

Notice how the builders skip the country and leave the association holding the bag.

Ahhhh. I just love my job and Chicago politics!

Hope this helps;

Nice Will :smiley:

I did one a few years back , the city lawyer pulled all of the permits the builder had and would not let them move forward with any thing until they fix the problem at one location to the satisfaction of the owners. it felt good sitting in building court and watching the hammer drop.

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