water line near panel

Vertical metal water line attached to building along side surface mounted electrical panel. Pipe goes to soffit, then turns away. Any requirements for water line distances from panel boxes?

There is no code that states that a water supply pipe can not be placed next to an electrical panel.

Water-line, gas-line, whatever - the metal piping is supposed to be bonded to the enclosure somewhere, so essentially, they’re “touching” already. There is no separation required. . .

Unless of course the water line is within the equipments dedicated space or above it…otherwise it can be right next to it. Now, if that water line runs in a position that conflicts with the working space requirements around the equipment then possibly an issue…but for the bare basis of the question…not a problem.

That is probably the best explaination I have heard why it would/is permitted to install pipes close to the vicinity of panels.

Thanks PB. . . :wink:

Thanks for your input.