Water Main

This water main was not accessible so I had to stick my camera in and snap this photo. I’m unsure what material this main is made of other than it looks like Polybutylene, however the home was constructed in 2002 so I don’t think it is.

Any ideas what this material might be and possible problems with it?


So I guess lead is out of the question?
Thats what the picture looks like from here, but we do not use the plastic stuff.

Hi Vince,
hard to tell from pic. Could be black polyethylene. Figure 24 on this PB web site shows it. Sometimes wish the manufactures would mark things better


more than likely polyethylene Vince…

Agreed, very common in my area for wells and city hook ups.

Very common here on Maui and I’ve found it to be a very durable product that is sometimes run above ground due to our harsh soil conditions (lava beds).


Polyethylene - common well pipe. Looks like the flare didn’t work too well. Probably split the plastic with the flaring tool - thats common too.

I guess that might be what caused that big puddle on the floor.

Puddle? Maybe that’s where the water from the leak is going. Solved that problem. Thanks.