Water meter

I can use some feedback regarding a situation I encountered yesterday at a plumbing inspection. They have a bad tub spout water leak and I’m guessing the cold water valve handle has lost its washers/O-rings. The problem is that after testing all the other water supply fixtures in the home; the water meter arrow spins; however, the water leak at the tub spout has NO effect on the water meter. The red dial on the meter is not moving yet the water is still leaking from the tub spout. Any thoughts ??

Only moves very little with a small leak.
Check it about every 30 min.

I agree but I can fill a 12 oz glass in less than 30 seconds from this leak so I wouldn’t call it a small leak.

Ok! But check the meter over a period of time.
Did they also have a well?

No, they did not. They are on the city water supply in the subdivision but they did have a septic that was removed a few years ago. This home is a pier and beam with a crawlspace that’s holding a lot of water.

Where are you at.
Show it in you profile.

Grapevine, Texas

If it doesn’t show on the meter after 30 or so min… I don’t have a clue.

Get a qualified plumber in there…:slight_smile:

I agree, that’s why I originally thought of a different water supply.
Thanks and I’ll let you know what I find out as I’ll be at that property tomorrow.

Take a pic of the meter when you get there and compare it before you leave.
Or mark it with a sharpie marker.

If the other fixtures read on the water meter, but the tub does not then you need to find out where the tub is getting its water from, possibly upstream of the meter. What happens when you open the hot tap of the tub?

Report your leak and findings. Refer to a qualified and licensed plumber. Recommend they consult the seller to determine if multiple water sources exist.

That’s the answer! Why do you care? Report and refer to a plumber, end of story.