Water Pressure

I check pressure at hose bibbs after verifying that they are part of the house system (easy to do). If they are not I look for another place to check pressure.

How do you verify that they are part of the house system?

How could it not be part of the house system?

Consider this: a faucet supply pipe springs a leak, due to excessive pressure on the fittings, into the crawl space for 2 years before anyone discovers it. Do you think that might negatively affect the home?

Look at the pipe feeding the hose bibb. If it leaves the house before the PRV it is not part of the house system.

If that section blows a leak due to 150 psi pressure, is that a problem?

Of course

My point exactly…what difference does it make whether it’s part of the “house system”? If it’s more likely to be unregulated (and thus higher) there, shouldn’t that be where it gets tested?

I test it at the hose bib outside also never seen one around here that is separated. Oh i guess it is because we just getting inside toilets and water . ( kidding) or maybe not.
I had one last week drain pipe went to a ditch .

I test functional as wellas actual. In the master, I’ll run the sink faucet(s), turn on the tub and flush the toilet. I’ll also throw a guage onto the laundry tub faucet, since they are usually threaded.


I hope you call it out as improper and a possible source of a cross connect if they are threaded for a hose

I too check pressure at the hose bib, never seen them seperate from the house. I think homeowner should know if above 80psi. Some dishwashers function different above 100psi. Pipes can bust too. Quite a quick test. Also tells me if the stem leaks in the valve!! About 40% of homes here too high also.

W.W.Grainger sells an inexpensive water pressure gauge (under $100 last time I checked).

You can use the www.nachi.org/well-meter.htm as well.