Water Quality Testing

I got a call to do an inspection on an old adobe house from the 1920’s the client lives in Texas and wants to know if I can do a water quality on the well.
Does anyone know of a good company I can work with for a water test?

There is also a septic system on this property

Here ya go, Dale…

:roll: WOW!!! Now me of all people should know better I always check the net guess the flu this weekend had me thinking funny
thanks David:shock:

Better get well quick…no pun intended…tomorrow is coming fast.

Don’t worry I already got out and am putting everything into place (I just hope we have enough room) The box of NACHI stuff just got here and I picked up the screen this morning. luckily the flu was the 24 hour bug Wife had it yesterday I had it on Saturday:neutral:

I’m ready for you guys got to have my stomach ready for our favorite restaurant

I use Pro-Lab in Florida. 1-800-427-0550. Ext 263. Mike will take care of you.