water quality tests

I am looking into offering water quality tests as a service I offers. There are a lot of private wells out here and it would be a good service to offer. My questions relating to it our…

  1. What is a good lab to use and do they offer test kits?

  2. Where are some good training materials on how to take them and what to look for in the test? Acceptable levels of stuff and what is generally in our water that kind of thing.


You’ll need a local lab nearby. Test samples have to be in same day and stay cool in a cooler with cold packs to be accurate.

Find a local lab with multiple drop off locations. It’s easy money.

I use my county courthouse environmental and zoning dept. they do the test and send me results the next day.

Ok great information thanks

Find a state approved lab that does overnight mailing. My guy sends me the paperwork, bottles , box and postage. Bills my card when he processes them. I take the test and pop the bottle in the mail. He gets it the next day. On weekends, just refrigerate and send on Monday morning. Saves me so much time and money.