Water softener advice requested

We are in the market for a removal system for iron and hardness (calcium and magnesium) from our well water. We don’t know much about the systems available or any reviews from users.

Anyone available to help us understand the systems more?

Call your local Culligan dealer.

I appreciate the tip but why not the Kinetico dealer?..to be honest, I was hoping to get something less than a sales pitch. :slight_smile:


This is what we got it is $397;00 was 347 when we got it over a year ago This in Canada is over $700;00 so we went to use It is completely automatic and does a great job for us we have town water from wells and it is hard . remember to get the hook up kit if you buy this one There is only two of us and it recycles about every 2 weeks at 2;00 am .

added Hook up kit http://www.lowes.com/ProductDisplay?partNumber=63824-43353-WHEFX&langId=-1&storeId=10151&productId=1095269&catalogId=10051&cmRelshp=rel&rel=nofollow&cId=PDIO1

Reading your post again Not sure about the IRON…

Larry they have a special and I am not in the office. I think the fact that I have never heard any complaints from or about them speaks volumes and the fact that they have been in business for 70 years. I also went with culligan as my choice.

says removes iron
33,000-Grain Water Softener

  • Whirlpool Water Softener model WHES33 features 6th Sense™ Technology and is ideal for households of 1-5 people and removes high levels of water hardness and iron
  • Whirlpool Water Softeners are NSF certified to reduce hard water symptoms around your house such as embarrassing stains, buildup on your faucets, and spotting on dishes, and helps your water using appliances operate more efficiently
  • 6th Sense™ Technology – this exclusive feature automatically calculates how much salt and water is required to regenerate and only uses what is necessary, resulting in a significant reduction in salt and water usage
  • Multi-purpose system – designed to remove up to 105 grains per gallon of hardness and 9 parts per million of iron

Thanks, Roy, I’ve got over 1/2 again the hardness and more iron than the specifications say for that unit.

And, I wonder about the salt consumption or do you have a reverse osmosis system for your drinking type water use?

I use a whole house filter and a Waterboss 900 softener. It works great. We have a ton of iron in the water.

Larry give a e-mail I will deliver it to you.
You can save more than 50%.

What is a whole house filter? I will look up the Waterboss 900. We have about 3 times the "suggested maximum contaminant level of iron. Thanks.

Larry…If you are on a septic system, best to do a little research on the effects of a water softener on your septic system. Hope this link works for you.

whis11 @ charter.net (Take out the spaces.) :slight_smile:

Thanks Kevin.

Thanks, Chris, I downloaded it and will read it later…appreciate it.

We have one tap with hard water for drinking and cooking.

You need to have your water tested to see how hard it is and how much iron is in it. Most softeners will remove up to 1 ppm of iron. If your iron is more than this you will need a seperate unit for the iron. In Canada i recommend and install units from Viqua. I dont know if they are available in the US. Culligan is one of the most expensive for the same units. If you need any more info please feel free to contact me as i am in the water treatment business.


I sent you an email with the water quality report attached.
We would really appreciate your opinion on our situation.

Culligen is much better than whirlpool IMO. If price is the biggest issue most shops will lease a unit to you. Use salt tablets not crystals. Water Boss is what I almost always recommend. But, if Iron is your biggest issue, you will need to get a secondary system just for that from the sound of your water. Above ALL, a softener removes “dissolved” solids. A filter removes “suspended” solids. Absolutely not the same thing! I too would be willing to help. centurioninspection@hotmail.com

I sent you an email with the water quality report attached, as well.
We would really appreciate your opinion on our situation, too.

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As I already said the prices have been slashed. And they do have a pay as you go option.