Water softner- hot water supply lines

During a recent washing machine replacement, I had a heck of a time taking off the hot water hose from the shut off valve. It was so corroded that the guts of the shut of came out (quarter turn shut off). After a run to turn off main hot supply at water heater and clean up, I noticed that the inside of the hose/shut off piece was so corroded that it would never come off easily.

I then look at all of my hot supply’s and they are all like that near the shut offs. At least green corrosion. I look at at settings on softner and re-read all of the manual for the softener (from what I can tell) and its set up right.

Any thoughts/cures for this? I have not seen on any inspections yet, but none have had a softener. I am going to poll the rest of my neighbors to see what they find. We are in newer subdivision.

How about any suggestions to clients in a report that I might find this happening to?

Thanks all!!

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We don’t know where you live and water chemistry can vary widely.

Go to your profile and edit it to show your location.

Also pics would help.