Water stains on Basement wall

Inspected this house 30 yr. old house today and found some small water stains on the basement wall, they had put a scratch coat of concrete over the wall at that corner. The homeowner said they had some water get in the basement and had some repairs done to help correct the issue (was disclosed in real estate disclosure documents)

  1. They painted the wall dry-lock
  2. Diverted the downspout away from the foundation
  3. Put in a surface drain outside at the front corner where the staining was

What would you put in your report (CYA) ??
Thank you in advance

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Pretty much everything you said in your post. I would add that there was no water when I inspected, unless there was of course.

What did you say about the siding touching the ground?

Needs to be a 6" from grade to any building material

Drylok, downspout, surface drain did not determine/identify the actual problem aka existing defect(s) that allows water to get in basement and the drylok, downspout and surface drain has not seasled/repaired whatever the actual problem/defect is.

I see this crap all the time, nearly 4 decades now.
That garbage above, supposed repairs, was done by a cheap diy homeowner or an incompetent contractor.

A true, legit competent repair and determination by an honest experienced contractor would say something like…

existing crack in basement wall was allowing water in basement (and water stains) and the crack has now been waterproofed and has 20 yr transferable guarantee etc…or,

existing deteriorated rod hole(s) in basement wall was allowing water in basement (water stains on wall) and those rod holes were repaired by packing/sealing each rod hole w/hydraulic cement…or,

existing open, cracked mortar joints in bricks above grade and openings around central air hose was allowing water to get in basement (and water stains) and those joints have been repointed and the central air hose caulked