Water staying in the backyard

I inspected a house in about couple of months ago…and now the customer’s calling me and telling me that when it rains the water stays in the backyard, and I don’t know if he’s exagerating or not but he says that the water level is like 5 inches or so…
There’s a building deck with a jacouzzie attached to the house, the deck is filled with earth and no possible viewing of inspecting under the deck…
What could be wrong… and even dough at the time of the inspection it was all dry how can an inspector could know about this?
They also contacted the previouse owner and to them was normal and nothing was mentioned in the vendor’s declaration.
Any thought anyone…?

Go out and look at it. It is possible that there is a drainage problem that was not visible when you inspected. Suggest that they put some type of drainage system in - usually a French drain will work. Hopefully, all they are looking for is guidance on how to solve a problem.

Any pictures of the original Inspection?

And I agree, go out and see what the problem is to compare what you reported at the time.
Conditions might have changed.

Deck full of dirt, what was the meaning of that statement?:slight_smile:

put a drain out in the yard to drain off the standing water. Remove the water at the source before you start digging up a foundation.

As for seeing this during dry conditions; vegitation often changes where standing water remains for extended periods of time.

I mean that under the deck is filled with dirth…and not empty.
I am going to see it this afternoon, and if i noticed any changes I will let you know…
And yes I do have pictures of the original inspection.


Wow, don’t know how water could pond on that landscape, but judging from the vegetation on the stairs and bulging deck skirting that is full of dirt, the ponding could be underneath that area. :slight_smile:

My assumption is that he is referring the the ‘lot’ grading. There is most likely a ‘dip’ in the yard, and depending on the soils, it may take quite a while for the water to perk into the soil. Landscaping and lack of upkeep (lawn not mowed, etc.) can sometimes make it difficult to notice this.

agreed it could be heavy clay,

What you mean by a “dip”?

A depression.

PS… please update your profile to show your location.

A small depression in the lawn area capable of holding water a few inches deep due to the clayish soils, low permiable grounds, and poor drainage characteristics. :slight_smile:

Where does water from the two visible gutter downspouts discharge?

Down the steps and walk. It is a self watering system using storm water for irrigation. Think green my man. :mrgreen::wink:

:slight_smile: And helps fill the jacuzzi too.

If you don’t go look at it have the owners send some pictures. If the are serious and it looks bad then go out there. It may not be a problem you can fix and may need other reinforcements. The owners may not upkeep their yard well either. If you get pictures, I am sure we would love to see what they are talking about. :slight_smile: