Water Supply Tubing

I haven’t seen corrugated SS used in this application before. Is it OK?

Forgot pic.


Better pic.

WTF? Unprofessional Installation at best.

Looks like an appliance connector just jammed in there.

ya tink.

Found another one today…still don’t know if they are legit.

CSS tubing.jpg

They are Appliance Connectors and I am not sure they are Listed for that application.

Is it possible this is what they are?

That is exactly what they are. :slight_smile:

According to this plumbing forum, these connectors are acceptable for general plumbing use in accesible areas.

The first question that jumped in my mind was, where is the water meter? Was this used to bypass the meter?

This was a condo. Water is included in the fees. There is a centrally located meter.


I asked as I see similar in REO home basements. Many of the homes have been winterized (meter removed) and someone installs a flex pipe to turn the water on, because the bank wont pay for de-winterizing.

Under the IRC “flexible water connectors” would not be acceptable as water distribution piping, and can only be used for connecting a fixture or water heater to the distribution piping in accessible locations.

IRC P2905.5 Water-Distribution Pipe <click here>](http://publicecodes.citation.com/icod/irc/2009/icod_irc_2009_29_sec005_par010.htm)

Now, if you want to accept that as a temporary repair of distribution piping thats another story … :wink:

That settles it, thanks.