Water Testing - before or after treatment system?

I’m doing my first water quality test and the home has a UV system on the well. I think I should be testing the raw water as it comes from the well, not after it goes through the UV. Is there a standard or is it whatever the customer wants? Or perhaps I should recommend testing both?

I normally test after since that’s what people will be using.

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If it was my water I’d want both tested…

If there is going to be only one test my SOP is to collect my samples after the treatment system as this is the water the clients will be using. However, I have also collected samples both before and after as clients want to know if the treatment system is necessary or how well it is functioning. In the case you have I would recommend a bacteria only test for a sample collected prior to the UV system and the full water quality test for the sample(s) collected after the treatment system. In my experience, which has included hundreds of water tests, most clients do not want to pay for two tests as part of the home buying inspection process. I have found that homeowners are more interested in testing before and after a treatment system.

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Certain types of government backed loans that are requiring a water test will want you to test before the treatment system

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