Water Testing in Michigan

Water testing is almost a must in my area of Michigan (Upper Peninsula). Does anyone have a suggestion as to who to use for testing and/or pricing for the service?


Start with the health dept.

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Many health departments, due to staffing and budget cuts, plus potential liability, have gotten away from doing such routine testing. Of those that still do, I am not aware of any, at least in our area, that do anything but the “BASIC 7” parameters.
Coliform Bacteria, Escherichia Coli (e-Coli) Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite, Sodium and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Is this really adequate? Not in my opinion. What about the easily tested for chemicals that stain laundry, clog shower heads, stain bathtubs and showers, contribute to Blue-Baby Syndrome?
Find yourself a good quality laboratory that is certified for EPA, ELAP and your State Health Dept or other applicable State agencies.