Water Testing in PA

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“The State Is One of 3 With No Mandate for Tests”

Philadelphia Inquirer (02/17/04) P. A1; Fallik, Dawn

Southeastern Pennsylvania's rich industrial history has had the unfortunate side effect of contaminating its groundwater with toxic chemicals--especially trichloroethylene (TCE), a metal degreaser that has been tied to a higher risk of cancer. While state and industry interests are well aware that much of the region's groundwater is tainted with toxic materials, many homeowners who draw their water from private wells are ignorant to the problem and the health risks it presents. As much as one-third of Pennsylvania residents use private wells for drinking water; yet the state is one of just three nationwide that does not regulate residential wells. And, like most other states, it also does not require testing for toxins. Instead, residents who want to know what is in their water must do so at an out-of-pocket expense of $20 to $150, depending on whether they are testing for simple bacteria or for toxic pollutants. The lack of regulation has raised issues pertaining to public health and disclosure policies. Legislators have responded in recent years by pursuing measures to regulate private wells but thus far have been unsuccessful. The latest attempt made it through the state House of Representatives
last year but was killed in the Senate.

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I agree, the state should mandate water testing for well water. I also believe that testing should be paid for by the seller.

Joe Myers