Water testing using http://andalyze.com/

Any one using or have comments on whether the andalyze.com water tester is worth the investment?

I used a state certified lab and let them do what they do best and marked the cost up for taking the sample and dropping it of at the lab.

And, I kept doing what I did best…inspecting. :smile:

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Key words there are “State Certified Lab”!! All states have required methods of testing and certifications.
Don’t mess around with the ‘gimmicky test kits/devices/testers’.

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Use a State Certified Lab and get some training on where and how to sample the water. Your state or county health department should have some information.

The state certified lab that I used gave me very specific water sampling specifications.

In my area the County Health department will recommend what tests to perform for that area and what labs to use. Not all certified labs test for everything. i.e. organic, inorganic, microbiological, radiological etc.
Once I have the recommended lab, they instruct me how and where to obtain the sample.
As Larry said: “just mark up the cost”

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Thanks for the replies.

Was looking at this to use as a free coupon option with a home inspection.

I do the same, and it keeps the money local, which I try to do as much as possible.

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