Water testing

Hello all,

I have recently been asked by Realtors if I do water testing. I have not really thought about this before, since the client or more often the Realtor have submitted the samples. Suddenly the Realtors are realizing that this is a huge conflict of interest and are looking to the HI to do this as an added service. This may have been the case for a while, but I am relatively new to the industry.
The point is is there an additional contract or rider on your existing contract for this additional service and how much are you charging?
Is this worthwhile addition to the business?

Most anything you can see a reasonable profit from, or benifit to your range of services is worthwhile.
I contacted a local lab to find out what common test are run most labs in my area have a couple options depending on what you are looking for in the water.
In my search I also discovered that in my area property transactions invoicing a well are required to be tested, counties have aces to grants to provide this service for free.

In these cases I inform the client that the seller should have these test scheduled, and that I would be happy to assist the seller in setting up the test if needed.

Funny they don’t see the conflict of interest in realtors recommending HI’s. It’s called the commission and it’s usually much, much more than the $30-$250 costs for water tests!!

Thanks John,
Since I live in a very rural area there are many homes on wells (drilled and dug). When I purchased my home I had a minerals test at one lab and the biological test completed at the neighbouring hospital, the costs were $55.00 and $35.00 dollars respectively. I was thinking that $150.00 to $175.00 might be a reasonable charge.
Would you add this into your contract?

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[FONT=Verdana]Your local jurisdiction has a lot to do with how you deal with water testing.
When I was working as an inspector of water distribution systems construction and certifying the potable water safe for public consumption, we collected and submitted samples for e.coli testing. There is a strict protocol when collecting for these tests. The local board of health laid out the procedure. They also provided the sample bottles and forms that had to be used.
Check with you local AHJ and follow their procedures.
The testing of well water for mineral content was also processed through the local board of health and procedure was established by them. Now this testing has been privatized. If this case contact the testing lab that does this analysis and follow their protocols.
As for fees that is going to depend on your costs, the lab costs and the equipment you mush use.
I do not do these tests but explain to my client what to do to have the water tested.