Water Tubing

Has anyone seen this before. The house was 10 years old. It looked like a professional installation with factory installed end fittings but I’ve not run into it before.

water tubing.jpg

Looks like garden hose by the looks of the thread fittings.

Looks to me like Pex with SharkBite connectors.

This concerns me, It to me looks like this is the main entry line(after the meter). I have never seen this type of connection in my area. I would refer to a Plumber etc.

Hope this helps


Sorry, its


I think Raymond may have it,I have seen similar in a large chicken barn attaching automatic waterers to the main supply, this place had about 6000 chickens at one time and there was several short factory made hoses like that. I would think that as long as it is rated for 100psi or more it would be not much different than flex tube used on toilets and sinks.It just seems strange where it is.

I shouldn’t have said it wasn’t pex. I don’t know. It just doesn’t look like the pex I’m used to seeing in new houses.


I thought we were talking about a Home Inspection,not a barn inspection. Never have seen that in a Home and I hope I never do. Good for a chicken maybe.

Just my thought, anyone else agree?

Terry Lowe

Correct me if I’m wrong, but… Notice the copper pointing towards the water heater, notice the copper coming down from above. Looks to me like maybe the water heater was replaced with a newer model, but not put back into it’s original position. Which reminds me…
Years ago, when I lived on a farm, I saw what was actually a supply hose for a washer installed in a similar setup. It was done after the removal of water softening equipment. It was cheaper and faster to do it this way rather than put in new copper.
Hope this helps.

The line looks like it could be gas flex line. The line comes in 3/4" and a variety of lengths. http://www.plumbingsupply.com/gasconnectors.html

That is flexible Pneumatic Air Line. I have a 100’ of it in my shop.

3/4 inch airline?

Sure, you can have pressure with a 1/4" line, but if you have six stalls to supply the air to run pneumatic tools, you have to have the volume also. But all we can tell from the picture is O.D. and that looks like the cheap stuff sold at Walmart, which is not reinforced so it has thick walls, it may be 1/4’ I.D.

I agree with Ray’s original observation except it looks like “puffed up” garden hose. That is garden hose in it’s most dangerous condition!