Water Valve On Gas Line

No sense in letting a perfectly good water valve go to waste
when you can use it on a natural gas line to the fire place.:mrgreen:

I found this yesterday at a home inspection.


Great find is that also galvanised pipe feeding the water valve?
… Cookie

Yes… the galvanized pipe is present.
You have good eyes.

I’m with you.
I hate waste and admire redneck ingenuity :wink:

Some rednecks actually have a green neck!:stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a problem with galvanized gas pipes in Texas and Canada?

Russel …you may be right on that as I believe cost is the only defect with using galvanized for gas if memory serves me.

Some areas do not like galvized gas piping as sometimes the galvinized interior flakes and is not good for orifiices. Teflon tape is probably worse, it just flys right by drip/dirt legs.

And I am still not sure why the globe valve pictured is just for water, is it labeled that way?

Bk You have not read my post WOG

You can not use white teflon tape in Canada . If you are using teflon it must be yellow, or gas approved thread compond.

… Cookie

Is the water/oil/gas post in this thread Charley?

Nope Bk you are just suppose to remember every post everyone makes:p

Red Neck.

White Shirt

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer.

I love America :mrgreen:

Nope. Mercaptain (the stick additive in NG) is acidic and will eat through the zinc coating im galvanized pipe.

Take the next peoples energy course.

Same in the U.S., Oh Most High and Esteemed “Cookie” :mrgreen:

I take it there are different versions of natural gas since SDG&E doesn’t have any problem with galvanized pipe.

Well, every one knows that nothing in California stinks. :mrgreen:

Per Laclede Gas Company in the St. Louis area when I call out galvanized gas pipe they say there is nothing wrong with using it and it is not a defect. The coating on the pipe is cut off when the threads are cut in the pipe and it will not be affected by the chemicals used to produce the odor. This is what I was told when I tried to prove my point to a home owner to change the pipe out, Per the Gas Company on the phone.

Will… if that is what the Gas company told you it must be correct.
I know I had this debate 15 years ago with the same arguments while discussing ground burial.
Every plumber had a different version.