Water Water every where

We don’t have to go to the lake this holiday the lake is coming to us. Had over 10 inches of rain and its still raining. The animals are gathering two by two

Have you seen Noah and a big boat? :laughing: :roll_eyes:

Stay safe, Charley!

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I am up to 12.6 inches and its still pouring tonight and is forcast to do it tomorrow night again. My horses are starting to grow web feet???

Charley, is your farm under water and are your horses safe? Keep your head above water my friend and hope all is good for now.

Charley, I wish you would keep all the water up your way. It’s getting pretty deep below down stream from Keystone dam!

David we are sending all the water from Kaw lake that we can. The main street 14th street was shut down last evening due to high water in Ponca City.

Marcel we are all high and dry at my house. My driveway has washed out. My ponds have been over flowing for over a month, but all is good. I am 3 miles from the salt fork of the Arkansas River which is in the pic I posted.

Good to hear Charley, hope all is well other than that.

DSCN2486 DSCN2492 DSCN2497

We are about maxed here. I have lived near this lake since 1980 and this is the highest I have seen it.

Looks like a river.

Yes Marcel it is the Arkansas river the lake is generally on the other side of the dam.:grin::grin:

We could use some of that rain here.