Water Well Info for Inspectors/Clients

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Who has questions, issues, concerns about water wells?

Check out the release below and our web site, www.wellowner.org. Then, let give me some feedback.

-- Cliff Treyens, National Ground Water Association

Understanding Water Wells for Home Inspectors and Home Owners

The National Ground Water Association offers a free series of ?Clip and Copy? articles that contain practical information about water wells and ground water. These articles are informative for both home inspectors and current or future home owners.

Home inspectors are free to copy and distribute the articles as long as the content is attributed to NGWA as indicated on each. The articles are available at www.ngwa.org/publications/wwj/clip.html.

Some of the topics include:
? Arsenic
? Bacteria in Your Water
? Geothermal Heat Pump Systems
? Good Water Habits
? Ground Water Protection
? Ground Water Quality
? Having a Well Drilled
? How to Hire a Water Well Contractor
? Hydrogen Sulfide
? Iron Bacteria
? Is Your Water Safe
? Nitrates
? Sealing Unused Wells
? Private Water Wells and Public Water Systems
? Radon in Ground Water
? Septic Systems
? Water Efficiency
? Water Pressure
? Well Caps
? Well Construction
? Well System Materials

Home inspectors and current or future well owners also can learn more about household water wells by going to NGWA?s website for well owners: www.wellowner.org. This web site contains information on proper well construction, maintenance and water quality. It also includes a service called ?Contractor Lookup,? where people can search for a NGWA-member contractor.

For more information, contact NGWA Public Awareness Director Cliff Treyens at 800-551-7379, ext. 554 or ctreyens@ngwa.org.

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