Water Wells

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How many home inspectors encounter water wells? Would you like to know more about them? Check out the information below and let me know if www.wellowner.org is helpful.

-- Cliff Treyens, National Ground Water Association


September 23, 2004

Home Inspectors: Learn More About Household Water Wells

It?s a little known fact: Nearly half the U.S. population gets all or part of its drinking water from wells ? many of them privately owned household wells. With all those wells come lots of questions about proper well construction, maintenance and water quality.

Home inspectors and well owners alike who wonder about these topics can find answers at www.wellowner.org.

Operated by the National Ground Water Association, the web site includes practical information on:

Well basics
Well maintenance
Water quality
Ground water

Wellowner.org also allows web site users to submit their questions.

?Every day, 83.3 billion gallons of ground water are pumped in the United States, much of it by individual home owners with private wells,? said Kevin McCray, executive director of the National Ground Water Association.

?We hope that wellowner.org can help home inspectors do their jobs better by providing them with reliable information about water wells,? he added.

For instance, the web site provides practical information on what?s involved in a proper well checkup by a contractor, causes and solutions to water pressure issues, well protection, contamination and more.

The web site also has a service called ?Contractor Lookup? that helps users find a National Ground Water Association member contractor near them. Just log onto www.wellowner.org and click on ?Contractor Lookup? at the top of the page.