waterless traps

I changed out my p-traps to these waterless traps earlier this year after I found a crack in a p-trap after a cold winter.

These work very well, no air loss and are easy to clean.

I put “regular” p-traps filled with mineral oil on the secondaries.

Pretty slick Bruce…never seen or heard of these before…

Oh my, these are great!

But are they > $1.29?

Contractors don’t want to spend $1/ft for pipe to keep the house from falling down.
I can see them running out to buy these! :wink:

Why do you need to that?
Is this a second home?

I bet hair get caught up in them pretty easy…

You would have a much bigger problem if you have hair in your condensate drain line. :roll:

Every thing that goes around comes around I was installing a similar item in the drain lines back in 1974 the name was stinky stopper;-):wink:

New link, original one no good

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40 years ago I use to winterise Trailers in a park I used Windshield washer fluid and one oz. of mineral oil so it did not evaporate in traps and toilets .
Cottages in the country same thing to keep the mouse’s under control a five gallon pail 4 inches of windshield washer fluid and 4 oz of oil so it did not evaporate and a balance stick with peanut butter on end over pail .
Mouse walks out stick dumped in pail; and stick resets itself .
Put unit close to Couch so mice can get onto the stick.
Too many mice then use two pails MT them in the spring or big smell next summer .