"Waterproofing a basement"

2:05 mark, ‘Oh Henry’ lol, rolling it on, not the best, its ok but imo too thin/watery

4:00 mark, says, “he is exhausted”. lol Hey bro, try hand digging all that shtt out, digging through some concrete, bricks, blocks, wood, cans n other shtt, digging sideways under-around service lines and then scraping n brushing the wall n then waterproofing it and then backfilling it, doing all that in ONE DAY, TRY THAT one time and then lmk how the hell ya feel, wish him well

pretty often hear from some HI’s, others how difficult they have it… shtt man, come spend some time with us BEFORE you cry n moan n shtt on those of us doing–the-job, they sit back like a nimrod Monday morning quarterback who doesn’t even understand much of the playbook n often or always recommends grading, yeah ok tough guys lol



Please, if there is a next time. KISS. Keep It Simple Student for the betterment of the organization…

Mark man up! you get paid $$$ to dig through all that fun stuff!