"Waterproofing contractor wanted thousands of dollars to do work inside the basement"

Well, that happens ALL the time, of course that problem and solution is on the outside

Ok see what does/recommends… hmm well if it HIS house or homeowner is not selling the house then go ahead and try that, it likely will not work, will not LAST, no, because the problems-openings allowing the water inside are BELOW what they applied so, and sometimes some of the openings are above the driveway, they are playing water diverting games just like the inside system dorks.

Same situation here, in this video, this homeowner was talked into a NEW driveway AND they sealed/tarred/caulked along edge of driveway–house perimeter just like 1st video, you can see the caulk at bottom of door sill…

See the ACTUAL existing problems aka openings allowing the water in… plus there were some deteriorated rod holes so sealing the perimeter does NOT seal the actual existing problems and just like this homeowner and most others, water got UNDER the concrete/driveway from the OTHER side! lol Just because someone tars/caulks along drive–house never means they have now kept ALL water from getting UNDER driveway slabs, EXTEND your thought process please, got milk?

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Good description, Mark.

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