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United States Green Building Council &
Green Building Certification Institute

Yes, today I passed my test for Green Associates Certification

The testing involves studies with a minimum of 6-8 weeks using a manual of 237 pages and a passing score of at least 80 on 100 test questions that cover seven categories in the Green Building.

Synergistic Opportunities and LEED Application Process

Project Site Factors

Water Management

Project Systems and Energy Impacts

Acquisition, Installation, and Management of Project Materials

Stakeholder Involvement in Innovation

Project Surroundings and Public Outreach.

The classifications are shown here:


How and who determines the validation of CE’s for this type of course.

To maintain the Certification, 15 hours of CE is required over two years.

Will this count for the CE’s required by Inachi Membership requirements.

I used to ask my friend Gerry these questions, but now need someone else to take his place.

Joe F. would that be you?:slight_smile:


Congrats Marcel!!

Thanks Gerry, and it was a very difficult test that stressed me out half way through. :slight_smile:

I am certain iNachi will accept the course. Just enter the info in the continuing education log. I would suggest you contact Nick or Ben (Online Edcation Director) to determine how many CE units he will assign for it.

Congratulations Marcel! I agree Green Certifications and the need for Green Raters for Residential and Commercial is going to continue to grow