Waves looking down the roof...question

Shingles looked great…the roof had to be less than 5years old.
Its a Mobile home in pretty good shape all around. When you looked
down the span of the roof…you seen slight waves…like swells
on the ocean…Any concern? What could be possible write ups.
Unit was built in 1975.


Recommend leveling “Mobile Home”—:smiley:

Or put some air in the Tires…

It’s quite common to see some waving on a mobile home roof. A mobile typically uses 1x2 and or 2x2 for rafter/truss construction with 3/8 plywood. Did you notice if there was any soft spots or areas where water can pool (possible broken rafter or damaged sheeting).

Noted: that other states may require snow load roof rating.

David the picture is really hard to see what really going on, but If you feel this is a concern that needs to be addressed you might say,
Roofing structure is sagging in areas as this may indicate that there is rotten/damaged wood in the roof support system and further evaluation by a licensed roofing contractor is recommended.

Also David I’d recommended clearing away vegetation/shrubbery/trees that are growing too close structure. Depending on the proximity vegetation/shrubbery/trees can cause structural damage if left unattended. It also look like the whirly birds winter canvas cover are rotted away

Thanks Gary for the feedback…