Wavy Concrete Tile roof

Hi, several buildings in our townhouse community are showing these waves on their concrete tile roofs after being built 4 years ago. The property management says it’s nothing to worry about, of course. Any thoughts? I saw an older thread on something similar, but not exactly this on new homes. Picture attached.

Google Photos

Photo: https://goo.gl/photos/1KNdYv1bbcAc3aPY6

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Hi Ralph,

It’s definitely nothing to worry about. Even I also experienced the same issue around 2 years back for which I contacted several Austin roofers. It will certainly disappear with time. For more clarifications, you should seek professionals’ advice! :smiley:

The link worked on my MacBook.

Looks like a framing problem to me. Concrete tiles’s too heavy for it to be bunched underlayment. May cause leakage by creating gaps into which windblown rain can enter.