Way-back Wednesday

Just for fun feel free to post your finds from the way-back machine.

Here is a recent attic find !


Okay here’s a bonus one to get this thread going. Post your photos from the way back machine.


10 years ago




Sinkhole? :hole:

I’ve seen it before. Happens when you have an empty pool and the right (or wrong) ground water conditions. The pool becomes a boat.

I asked Marc about it before and he said that since the water table is so high in FL that hydrostatic pressure just pushes up the empty pool…like Steve said…a boat afloat. I hadn’t seen that before.

One of the churches in my area (Chattanooga) was working on their pool and didn’t get it filled back up quickly enough last year and it popped up. Gotta keep them weighted down.

That’s what happened.
Foreclosure, the bank was too cheap to pay monthly for pool service.
Heavy rains came & there was no “weight” for the pool-missing approx 130,000 lbs of H2O - POP!

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I don’t know how this craziness finds me.
Here’s one from 2 weeks ago. Another bank doing the wrong thing.

OK back to Kenneth’s subject!

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Excessive free board has created a trip hazard…

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Sneak attack early post

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