Way to go Mike Holmes

Sitting here finishing a report and Mike Holmes show comes on in the background. As I listen to him rant on about his latest find, he explains to the client…

“K[size=4]nob and Tu[size=4]be is old aluminum wire[size=4]”.

[size=4][size=4]W[size=4]hat a [size=4]d[size=4]onkey. :roll:[/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size][/size]

LOL but he is a star

What about when they goofed on the right height for the peak. 1st 10 minutes was enough he cut off the roofer as he was talking and said mold 4 times.Yes it was possible what was found in the attic was mold but that is not the point, as a so called Holmes Inspector he should say suspect mold only. Many other things I noticed also in less time then watching Holmes on Homes.
Hero to who I might ask, the Old Man and lady on the show that new nothing about construction. Could you imagine Jimmy laughing as he is watching his Hero.:mrgreen:

That is why I only watch him for to get a good laugh.

Mike Holmes was on the streets of Toronto yesterday. This is exactly what people think he is. Super Mike to the rescue!!!:shock::roll::roll:

I recently had a home inspection customer call and said something along the lines of… “I like the way that Mike Holmes does his home inspections, it’s too bad you can’t break open the walls if needed like he does”

Talk about having to set expectations… :shock:

I mentioned that he’s a TV personality and it’s a TV Show… for entertainment. I’m not sure that we’d want a TV doctor operating on us either… but I hear that Lee Majors actually ran pretty fast!! Even without the Bionic Implants :smiley:

What a joke. He has to make it look good for the cameras!

It is hard to tell the difference between an actor and a politician.

You would think Mike could afford a fact checker. :shock:

He is an embarrassment to Canadians.

Actually you can do that…If its a full intrusive home inspection. Seriously doubt that any seller or bank would allow it to begin with, thats why we dont do it right!!!

This guy is thought of as an ethical ‘Make it Right’ hero for picking the low fruit off the tree…If only people knew the truth about this guy.

Sure he’s a bozo, but he’s a conversation starter at networking events.
“Oh you’re a home inspector, like Mike Holmes?”

“Yes I’m a home inspector, but not like Mike holmes, you see…”

I’m jealous he’s famous and not good at what he does. But I’m glad he has brought more attention and likely more income for the rest of us. Kind of the Tiger Woods thing in golf, the other golfers (were) jealous of his talent and fame, but he brought more atteention to golf and all of them have enjoyed getting a higher income for it.

One big difference in this analogy. Tiger was the best at golf during that period of time, unlike Holmes who was and is a bag full of hot air.