Wayne Wilson...

Happy Birthday! Hope it’s a great one !!!

hb Wayne

Wayne has birthdays? I thought they just stopped counting when you get that high…if so then Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Wayne

Thanks guys, and yes Russell the clock starts to go slowly backwards at this age lolol. Soon i be a youngster like Sean . Now back giving my dinosaur a bath nasty creatures keep falling in oil pools.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Wayne. Are you really Sean’s daddy?

Happy Birthday Wayne. What did Michael get you?

PSSSST do not mention that or i will have to pay support

HMM Not sure i bet he waiting to surprise me with something really swell.:wink:

Happy Birthday Wayne!

Have a Happy Birthday Wayne!

Happy Birthday Wayne. I guess we are on the same path huh!:slight_smile:

Happy Birthday Wayne. Hope it was a good one.

Happy Birthday Wayne. Try not to drink too much moonshine. :wink:

Kevin, he probably took the day off. Hicup!:):wink: